Shakers n' Bakers - "Heart Love" - the pop songs of Albert Ayler and Mary Maria Parks - Digital release Feb 14, 2018

Honey Ear Trio - "Swivel"

New album with Jeff Lederer/reeds, Rene Hart/bass and electronics and Allison MIller/drums. Release date Oct 21, 2016.  Check Events page for upcoming concerts! 


Jeff Lederer's Brooklyn Blowhards Play Albert Ayler and Songs of the Sea.


Release date April 8, 2016.

Swing Dix

Jeff, Kirk, Matt and Bob play moldy figs and new chestnuts, trad jazz style!

YFZ (yearning for zion)

Follow-up the the Shakers n' Bakers first eponymous release, YFZ includes more vision songs and contemporary repetoire from John Adams, Arvo Part, Gyorgy Ligeti and Albert Ayler

the Blue Guitar

The Blue Guitar is vocalist Mary LaRose' journey into the legacy of songs and storytelling left to her by her father, John LaRosa. This diverse exploration includes rootsy songs by Cash and Guthrie, as well as Shepp and the Shakers and features the brilliant guitar playing of Marc Ribot, performing some tracks on the little blue guitar owned by Mary's father. Also featured are some of the most creative musicians on the New York scene, including Steve Bernstein on slide trumpet, Matt Wilson on drums and Chris Lightcap on bass. The result is a avant-rootsy collection of songs which are unified by the heartfelt narrative of everyman which runs through them.

Shakers n' Bakers

This is the debut recording of the Shakers n' Bakers, a group which performs Shaker "Vision" songs, received in states of trance by young women of the Shaker religious community during the years 1830-50. These songs were researched in Shaker archives and many are sung in languages of inspiration (including moon language). This music is interpreted through the lens of creative music by leading improvisors on the New York scene, and travels stylistically from free jazz to rock anthems, but always with love and respect for the sacred origins of the songs. The Shakers n' Bakers are: Mary LaRose and Miles Griffith (vocals), Jeff Lederer (reeds), Jamie Saft (electric harpsichord), Chris Lightcap (bass) and Allisom Miller (drums). This genre-defying recording poses the provacative question, "Was Albert Ayler a Shaker?". Free jazz or Christian rock? You decide.


Collaboration with the members of the string quartet Brooklyn Rider along with special guests Chris Lightcap, Matt Wilson, Kirk Knuffke and Jeff Lederer - Jeff's arrangments of pieces by Dolphy, Mingus, Ornette Coleman, Ayler and others.

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