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New Releases Fall 2021

CD 109/LP 102 - Jeff Lederer "Eightfold Path" (releases 9/3/21)

Jeff Lederer’s Sunwatcher Quartet first recorded in 2010, here is the 2020 followup recording featuring Jeff with Jamie Saft (pno/organ), Steve Swallow (bass) and Matt Wilson (drums) in eight compositions based on aspects of Buddhist Dharma.

Right ActionSunwatcher Quartet
00:00 / 06:26

CD 110/LP 103 – Mary LaRose – “Out Here” (releases fall 2021)

Forward looking jazz vocalese artist Mary LaRose leads a stellar ensemble including Jeff Lederer (clarinet), Tomeka Reid (cello), Patricia Brennan (vibes), Nick Dunston (bass) and Matt Wilson(drums) with special guests through her vocalese interpretations of the compositions of Eric Dolphy. 

GazelloniMary LaRose
00:00 / 07:02
5 Music is the Healing Force of the UniverseShakers n' Bakers
00:00 / 06:56
Squeaky ToyHoney Ear Trio
00:00 / 03:19

CD 107 –  Shakers n’ Bakers “Heart Love” (released 2017)


The Shakers n’ Bakers third release is a musical love letter to Albert Ayler and Mary Maria Parks as they play the songbook from Albert’s later albums on the Impulse label, esp. from the R/B inflected and often neglected



“This album is a real find, a totally worthwhile reappraisal of Albert Ayler’s final period and crammed with flag-waving crowd pleasers” LondonJazzNews

CD 106  - Honey Ear Trio “Swivel” (released 2015) 


The Honey Ear Trio (Jeff Lederer (saxes), Rene Hart (bass, electronics), Allison Miller (drums)) present a program of original music in a format that combines classic Tenor sax trio with power electronica. 


“Miller, Lederer and Hart are all supremely talented musicians, but the Honey Ear Trio’s enlightened sound is the product of another intangible factor: the interplay of personalities” Downbeat

11 Swing n' DixSwing n' Dix
00:00 / 06:15

CD 105 – Jeff Lederer “Swing n’ Dix” (released 2011)


Jeff Lederer and his post-modern Traditional Jazz band (Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Bob Stewart (Tuba) Matt Wilson (drums) romp through new compositions and a few chestnuts too. 


“ the caliber and command of the ensemble interplay rarely fail to remind you of the depth of the band’s collective talent.” Jazztimes

Ring of FireMary LaRose
00:00 / 03:55
In me CanoeShakers n' Bakers
00:00 / 05:18
The Vision SongMary LaRose
00:00 / 09:44
me can not wear de great long faceShakers n' Bakers
00:00 / 05:07

CD 104 – Mary LaRose “Reincarnation” (released 2011)

Mary LaRose sings a diverse program of music from Dolphy to Johnny Cash with the acclaimed string quartet “Brooklyn Rider” as well as Chris Lightcap (bass) and Matt Wilson(drums).  Jeff Lederer (clar) and Kirk Knuffke(cornet) guest.

“LaRose, arguably the finest vocal and lyrical re-interpreter of postbop and avant-garde classics around” JazzTimes

CD 103 -   Shakers n’ Bakers “Yearning for Zion” (rel. 2008)

Shakers N' Bakers (Jeff Lederer, Mary LaRose, Miles Griffith, Jamie Saft, Chris Lightcap, Allison Miller) Second recording by the Shakers n’ Bakers explores more Shaker Vision songs, as well as repertoire by Arvo Part and Gyorg Ligeti.  (Mark Feldman (vln), guest)



“A provocative and inspired work of art” All About Jazz

CD 101 –  Mary LaRose - “The Blue Guitar” feat. Marc Ribot (released 2005)

Mary LaRose sings music of her family’s roots from Pennsylvannia to Calabria with Marc Ribot (guit.), Steven Bernstein (tpt), Chris Lightcap (bass), Matt Wilson (drums) and Jeff Lederer (reeds)

“Avante-rootsy - Recommended only for lovers of nonsense, country-folk-storytelling, Shaker music and Ledheads”.  Jazztimes

CD 102 – “Shakers n’ Bakers” (released 2005)

Shakers N' Bakers (Jeff Lederer, Mary LaRose, Miles Griffith, Jamie Saft, Chris Lightcap, Allison Miller) Eponymous release of the Christian rock/Free Jazz group that plays “Vision Songs” of the Shaker religious community, informed by the music of Albert Ayler.

“By taking a fluid and often combustible approach to the material at hand, Shakers N’ Bakers will make you rejoice with their spirited vision expressed with hope and humor” JazzTrail

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